Akira Toriyama Explains What It Takes To Become Super Saiyan


The Super Saiyan transformation is one of the most amazing things in the Dragon Ball franchise. As the series progressed, more transformations appeared including Super Saiyan 2, 3, God and Blue. Over the years fans came up with numerous theories about how this form is achieved, but never it was confirmed by reliable source, until recently.

In a recent interview, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama spoke about the saiyans, and more specifically about who could become Super Saiyan and what it takes.
When Toriyama was asked if any Saiyan can go Super Saiyan as long as he trains hard enough, he answered negatively. The powerful form can't be achieved with just training and anger. So what it takes to become a Super Saiyan?

Toriyama explained that in order to unlock Super Saiyan, one's body must contain something called "S-Cells". Once these S-Cells reach a certain amount, a trigger such as anger will explosively increase the S-Cells and cause a change in the body: that's Super Saiyan. He added that most Saiyans have some S-Cells, although not a great quantity. So a combination of genetics, anger and training is needed to achieve the great transformation.


Moreover, Toriyama explained why Goten and Trunks could achieve Super Saiyan so easily: "The reason why Goku and Vegeta's children can become Super Saiyan relatively easily is probably because to a certain extent they inherited a lot of S-Cells, and also because Earth's environment is gentler and easier to live in than Planet Vegeta."

Later he was aked how Saiyans can increase their S-Cells to become Super Saiyan, and the creator said: "Having a gentle spirit is the best way to greatly increase one's S-Cells, but most Saiyans have trouble with this, which I think is why no Super Saiyans appeared for such a long time and they became the stuff of legend." He then confirmed that just gentle spirit isn't enough to become Super Saiyan: "However, one can't reach the quantity necessary for becoming a Super Saiyan simply by having a gentle spirit, so a certain amount of battle power is indeed necessary. Looked at in this light, it's easy to see why becoming a Super Saiyan came easy for Goku."

This new piece of information also explains why Universe 6 Saiyans are so naturally strong. Universe 6 Saiyans live a far more gentle, passive life than Universe 7 Saiyans, and thats a really good explanation for why Kale and Caulifla are so incredibly strong.