Dragon Ball Super Anime Is Ending This March

Dragon Ball Super's Universal Survival arc is reaching its climax, as the Tournament of Power entered its final clash between Universe 7 and Universe 11, but now it seems that this may be the last arc of Dragon Ball Super.

Over on Twitter, Todd Blankenship posted a scan of a Japanese newspaper stating that Gegege no Kitaro will take over Dragon Ball Super's 9 AM Sunday time slot starting April 1, once the Universal Survival arc will end this March. Right now, Fuji TV says that while there are no set plans for the broadcast of a new Dragon Ball show, "it’s not like the series is over". 

While a lot of fans were shocked by the sudden news, many saw it coming. Dragon Ball Super's anime team is facing a tough production schedule, which often leads to poor animation work. Moreover, with the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie later this year, the animators have to put a lot of time into it, so a hiatus was probably inevitable.

Shortly after news about Dragon Ball Super ending went live, some members of the anime team reacted to it. Animator Tsutomu Ono said he just found out yesterday that episode 126 would be his last time as animation director. Writer Toshio916 twitted :"hope to see you again sometime soon." 

Dragon Ball Super official twitter account twitted "Thanks for always supporting us! The TV series Dragon Ball Super’s Universe Survival arc finally reaches its climax at the end of March, so please support us to the end! There’s also a movie this December too! The Dragon Ball series will continue on, so look forward to it!". However, Todd Blankenship pointed that even though they literally used the English word "series", typically in announcements and interviews when they say "Dragon Ball series" they mean the franchise as a whole. If they meant Super specifically, they probably would have said Super.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 will be the last, and it will air on March 25.