Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 - 122 Big Spoilers


Dragon Ball Super episode 119 will be out tomorrow, but fans already know whats gonna happen in episodes 120 - 122. Recently, the titles and synopsis of the series' next episodes were revealed, and they bring some exciting news for us.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 120 is called "A Perfect Survival Strategy! Universe 3s Menacing Assassins!!".
The synopsis of the episode according to Weekly Shonen Jump is: "After triumphing in their fierce battle against Universe 4, Goku and co are now attacked by a new enemy, Universe 3! Gohan takes on the enemy after they merge together and gain astonishing battle power, but...?!"

So we can learn that the next universe to be erased is Universe 4, and also that Gohan will be back in action. Good news for Gohan fans. Also, the next opponent of Son Goku and his Universe 7 will be Universe 3. Not much of a surprise , as most of us expected a showdown between Jiren and Universe 7 as the current arc finale.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 is called "Universe 7 and Universe 3's battle reaches its peak!".
The synopsis, according to Weekly Shonen Jump is: "Just as it looked like the fight had been decided thanks to Gohan's actions, Universe 3's secret technique explodes?! The fight with Universe 3 enters its climax!"

It seems like Universe 3 has some good trump card!

The last piece of information we got is the title of episode 122: "Staking His Pride! Vegeta Challenges the Strongest!!"
It clearly means that The Prince of all Saiyans will challenge Jiren, which is considered to be the stongest participant in the Tournament of Power. Since the synopsis is not available yet, we can't be sure if Universe 3 will be eliminated in episode 121, or Vegeta will challenge Jiren while his teammates fighting against the robots. We'll have to wait and see.


Dragon Ball Super is currently in its Universal Survival arc, and it airs every Sunday morning in Japan. It is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.