Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 - 123 Mega Spoilers


Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power is reaching its climax, with only 3 universes left, and today we've got some big spoilers for the next episodes. As most fans expected, Universe 3 is the next one to be erased, and we will go to a final clash between Universes 7 and 11!

Earlier today, Weekly Shonen Jump scans hit the internet, and the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 was revealed.
Here it is: Vegeta attacks the strongest warrior, Jiren! Only warriors from Universes 7 and 11 remain at the Tournament of Power! Vegeta challenges Jiren to battle in Goku's stead...!
Freeza This Week: Targeting Dyspo! Universe 11's Dyspo tries to hinder Universe 7's warriors. Disliking this strategy, Freeza selects Dyspo as his next target.


As you can see, there is some exciting news coming up from this synopsis. It was obvious that Universe 3 is the next one to lose, despite Aniraza being very strong, but now it is officially confirmed. Much more exciting, Vegeta will challenge Jiren to a battle. It is a matchup a lot of fans wanted to see, especially Vegeta fans. The prince of all Saiyans previously said that he is not interested in the second fiddles, and showed interest in Tournament of Power's strongest fighter.

Fans are waiting for the Vegeta centric episode, announced by Toshio on his twitter account, but it seems it wont be episode 122. The last piece of information we've got from the synopsis, is that Freeza is also returning to action. The evil warrior dislikes Dyspo's strategy and targets him. Judging by his performance so far, I don't see any chance for Dyspo.


There will be no Dragon Ball Super episode on December 31, So episode 122 will air on January 7, making it the first Dragon Ball Super episode of 2018.

A week later, Dragon Ball Super episode 123 will air. Its provisional title is "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed!". No synopsis is available yet.

Dragon Ball Super is currently in its Universal Survival arc, and it airs every Sunday morning in Japan. It is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.