Dragon Ball Super Preview Shows Vegeta Smashing Jiren


Tournament of Power will finally enter its final stage in two weeks time. Today, Dragon Ball Super Episode 121 aired, and it showed the elimination of Universe 3, meaning that only two universes are left in the tournament. These are of course Universe 7 and Universe 11.

The final showdown between the two universes will start in Dragon Ball Super Episode 122, and the preview just teased a very powerful Vegeta. In the beginning it shows Jiren attacking Goku and Vegeta, and both are being pushed back easily. Prideful as Vegeta is, he goes into an all-out desperate fight with Jiren.

Goku says to Vegeta that "even you won't be able to take down Jiren so easily", but right after that the preview shows Vegeta hitting Jiren twice. Jiren seems to get hurt by Vegeta's attacks far more than Goku's ever did, even when he was in his Ultra Instinct form. It is very likely that Jiren is just holding back, but Vegeta's definitely holding back too.

Lastly, the preview shows Vegeta using his Final Flash technique. This technique is so strong, that it forces Jiren to defend himself rather than taking the blow as he usually does. It looks like Vegeta is gonna give a hard time to the Tournament of Power's strongest being.