Toriyama And Toyotaro Share Jiren Designs


Jiren The Gray is probably the most interesting character in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power, and undoubtedly the strongest of them all. The fans are eagerly waiting for the final showdown between Universe 7's Son Goku and Universe 6's strongest pride trooper.

Recently, the franchise creator Akira Toriyama, and the new manga illustrator Toyotaro, came to Jump Festa event, in which they shared some big news regarding to the future of Dragon Ball (including the new upcoming movie), and also some sketches and designs. One of these designs shows Jiren, as you can see below.


Besides the designs which are pretty impressive themselves, fans also noticed Toriyama's hilarious remark about the anime should be careful "Not to make Jiren too fat." This has led some fans to joke about Jiren's design in the anime, in which he is a bit fat, and one fan even mentioned that Jiren has a smaller lower body than his upper.

If you still don't know who Jiren is, it's about time to know him! He is the main character in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power. He was first introduced in the warmup tournament between Universe 9 and Universe 7, right after Son Goku and Toppo, also of the pride troopers, finished their fight. Toppo mentioned that Jiren is way more powerful than he is, and in the manga it is also mentioned that he is even stronger than his Universe's God of Destruction, Belmod. He is widely considered to be the strongest fighter in the tournament, and is believed to be stronger than the gods.

In their first clash, he crashed Son Goku easily, even after the later achieved his Ultra Instinct form for the first time. According to the latest spoilers, he is expected to fight Vegeta next, in Dragon Ball Super episode 122.

Dragon Ball Super is currently in its Universal Survival arc, and it airs every Sunday morning in Japan. It is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.