Why Vegeta Is Not The One To Be Eliminated Next


Hey guys! In this post I'm gonna explain why Vegeta won't be the one to be eliminated next in the tournament of power.

As you may already know, in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super 2 universes were erased, so only 4 universes remain in the tournament. In the preview of next episode we can see that all universe 7 members will continue fighting, and it seems like they are in trouble. It's reasonable considering the tremendous effort most of them already put in.

Moreover, the preview also shows Vegeta almost slipping out of the ring. This scene, in addition to the spoilers predicting elimination of universe 7 fighter, have led to many theories about Vegeta being the one to lose next.


While there are many fans who believe Vegeta will be eliminated, it is simply not going to happen. Actually, we have a confirmation of that.
Toshio is one of the anime writers, and back in September he twitted this: "I finished writing a cool Vegeta. OK, let's sleep."
Knowing the episodes are written months before they airs, the Vegeta centric episode is expected to air in January. According to spoilers the tournament of power will last until March or even April, so the episode will be during the tournament, which means Vegeta stays with us at least until next month. Good news for you Vegeta fans.

Besides that, there are more reasons why Vegeta will last till the very end. Throughout the tournament, he seems confident, and he trained a lot before the tournament started. Also, he is motivated to win to get the Super Dragon Balls and have any wish he may want to come true.

Lastly, after Potara earings are officially allowed, there is always the possibility for Vegito, maybe even Ultra Instinct Vegito, So Vegeta gotta be around.

Dragon Ball Super is currently in its Universal Survival arc, and it airs every Sunday morning in Japan. It is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.